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This fence is designed to blend into the natural cadence of virtually any landscape. Embracing a traditional fence style, it comes with an accent of spear points across the top.

 Building Specifications

 Residential Bennington Standard


Like the Bennington, the Berkshire recreates elegant tradition but comes with staggered spear point picket tops.

Style-3 ESSEX



With its classis smooth rail top & traditional spear points below, the Essex is designed to meet the most demanding aesthetic needs.


This classic design with smooth top rail reflects the mood of a late spring evening.




This Horizon has a view in mind with its classic design, smooth rail on top & picket spacing of 1 ½’’ between pickets is built for harmony in the landscape.

Style-8 FALCON

With every other picket thrusting a spear point through the top rail and with 1 ½’’ spacing, this fence was created to make the vision of your landscape soar.

Style-9 STORRS

This design meets the majority of pool fence building codes.  This style fence with its smooth top rail has been modified so that pickets do not extend through the bottom rail.  Check with your local building department to meet sure this style meets pool code in your area.

Style-10 DERBY

Like our Storrs style, this style is designed for pool areas. The flat top rail along with no pickets extended below the bottom rail is designed for safety in pool areas. 

The Derby style comes with 2 rails only. 


SPECRAIL's Aluminum Handrail and Accessibility Systems.

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 Standard Colors (Black, White, Bronze)
  • American Disability Act Compliant
  • Maintenance Free and Easy Installation


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